Companies & Organizations

The way in which an organization celebrates its people and customers says a lot about the business and your corporate culture.

The Savvy Gift Giver concentrates on understanding your company culture and expressing the sentiment you wish to convey through a unique gifting experience that will: show appreciation & gratitude, create & strengthen relationships and enhance company morale which in turn enhances value to your clients, shareholders, customers, vendors, and partners.

For your Clients:

  • Good Will Gesture for the Holidays

  • Show Appreciation

  • Stand Out With an Appreciative Gesture

For your Employees:

  • Boost Company Culture

  • Motivate/Reward

  • Recognize Activities That Benefit the Business With a Distinction

For your Team/Partners:

  • Enhance or Affirm Your Company Prestige

  • Celebrate Milestones

  • Reward for Achieving a Goal

For your Logo and Brand:

  • Promotional Items

  • Trade Show Items

  • Giveaways

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They are not only very reasonable, but offer quality products. Their team works with you to help design your item. As a travel agent, I wanted zippered totes to send client’s with their travel documents. They found just what I wanted, in my colors and designed the pocket for my business.
— Mary Jane Crawford, Mouse Ear Vacations
There really isn’t anyone better at making what you envision materialize in the real world (and better than imagined!)
— Larry Hickman, ProsperityPPC
I buy gifts for all of my mortgage clients and now use Katie exclusively to buy those gifts. She always puts a great final touch on all my transactions. She always knows exactly what gift to give and personalizes everything to fit my client. I highly recommend Katie and her company!!
— Edward Fitzpatrick, Loan Advisor at LendUS